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We are the largest Potassium Silicate manufacturer, exporter and supplier in India. Established in 1980, we have been manufacturing Potassium Silicate of various grades for various applications. We enjoy a commanding position in the industry. Along with Potassium Silicate we also manufacture Lithium Silicate and Sodium Silicate.

Potassium Silicate is expressed in the chemical composition as: SiO2:K2O. Potassium Silicate solution contains 26.5% SiO2 and 12.65% of K2O, it has the weight ratio 2:10. The molecular ratio is obtained as : Molecular ratio = 1.568 x weight ratio.

We have the capacity to produce 6000 MT of international standard silicate per year. We produce Potassium Silicate solutions ranging from 1.5 to 2.4 SiO2:K2O by weight and in densities 1.24 to 1.60.

Applications of Potassium Silicate: Potassium Silicates is widely used in manufacturing of Arc Welding Electrodes, Refractory Cements, Acid Resistant Cements, Silica Gel, Electronics, etc.

Our whole manufacturing process undergoes strict quality control tests. We have developed many valuable processes and products in our R&D deptt., saving the productive time of customers in investigations and for different application methods.


1. Potassium silicate commercial grade
2. Potassium electronic grade
3. Lithium based special silicate
4. Sodium silicate
5. Sodium meta silicate
6. Methyl methacrylic copolymer

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